IBMR Business School, Bangalore.

Academics - Pedagogy

The meaning of pedagogy is the “art, science, or profession of teaching; especially: education.” This definition covers many aspects of teaching. At IBMR we are focussed on upholding the sanctity of this definition.

At IBMR the pedagogy is completely student centric. The teacher delivers the content in such a manner that the student forms an active participant in the learning process. The teacher is more of a mentor and coach to the students. The students and teacher merge into a cohesive group and work towards achieving the most important goal, that is, ‘Holistic Development of the Student’.

At IBMR we follow the blended form of learning and make use of both ‘High-Tech’ and ‘Low-Tech’ approaches.


Some of the pedagogy approaches that we at IBMR have undertaken, is as follows:

Inquiry Based Learning: Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions. Students are presented with real life problems and are encouraged to research and find logical solutions.

Collaborative Learning: Students, Teachers and Industry experts come together and share their experience and knowledge. Collaborative learning takes place in a group, where everyone is learning something new.

Integrative Approach: At IBMR we believe that integration is the way forward. The courses are integrated to include, Management, Technology, Psychology, Art and Science, etc. so that students have a 360 degree learning approach.

Reflective Learning: Here students and Teachers are encouraged to think about the topics discussed, evaluate the applicability of theory in the real business world and cultivate the habit of continuous improvement in learning.

Outbound Learning Approach: At IBMR we believe that students need to venture out of their classrooms and learn new concepts. This is made possible through, outbound training activities, interaction with industry experts and industrial visits.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing: The Pedagogy at IBMR gives a lot of emphasis on the student’s mental and physical wellbeing. Sports and Games form an integral part of the student’s academic life. For good mental health, students experience the benefits of meditation and Yoga which is delivered by experts from their respective fields.

We at IBMR, have put together a Pedagogy that will help students gain the required knowledge and skills and also bring about a positive change in their overall wellbeing.