Group Chairman's Message

IBMR Business School, Bangalore.


The dynamism of complex global education system necessitates an introspection of the ongoing practices in any academic institute.

As the education system evolves and assumes new dimensions it places new challenges to our educational programs and practices. IBMR has as its core purpose of development and design, implement, support and disseminate rigorous, relevant and useful educational evaluations which help us to meet this challenge. The guiding philosophy of IBMR has been to create influential knowledge base and introduce management practices that will integrate it globally. The objectives create a synergistic impact of imparting management education combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in an integrated form. The institute fosters and nurtures future leaders who can make a change in the world of business and business of the world. We at IBMR inculcate human values blended with professional ethics in the students, which enables them to make a difference to their own lives as well in the society. Each member at IBMR strives to achieve excellence in every endeavour – be it education or research – by making continuous improvements in curricula and pedagogical tools.

I wish all of you an enriching learning experience in the safe hands of our mentors in the serene learning environs.

Thanks and regards


IBMR Group of Institutions.